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WWE 2K16 – Details zu Patch 1.05

2. Februar 2016
Patrick Kirst


WWE 2K16 – Details zu Patch 1.05

Vorige Woche haben wir darüber berichtet, dass es Probleme mit dem neuesten DLC zu WWE 2K16 gibt. Nun haben wir Infos zu dem Patch 1.05, welcher nun verfügbar sein sollte.

Die wichtigste Info zuerst: Ab sofort sollte das „Future Stars“-Pack keine Probleme mehr machen. Dieser Patch ist nur für die PlayStation 4 verfügbar. Folgende Sachen werden außerdem behoben:

• Fixed an issue where Superstars were able to perform Finishers and OMG! moves with insufficient stamina
• Fixed an issue where Superstars were unable to perform the Announce Table OMG! move when having both a signature and a Finisher stored during a match
• Addressed an issue where COM Superstars would continuously perform Irish whips against opponents when competing in multiman matches
• Weight detection now functions properly against Super Heavyweight Custom Superstars
• Fixed an issue where the illegal man in a tag team match could get stuck on the ropes after pulling an opponent down from the top turnbuckle
• The fourth strike in Roman Reigns’s strike combo will now connect properly
• Fixed an issue where COM players would not take action when another Superstar was leaning against a ladder
• Fixed a significant warping issue when trying to lift a prone opponent on top of the cell in a Hell in A Cell match
• Superkick 5 is now reversible
• The Rock and Ultimate Warrior will now perform signature/Finisher combos rather than going for a pin immediately after a signature is performed
• The AI will perform corner grapples and strikes more often to a cornered opponent rather than always putting them in a Tree of Woe position or performing a top rope seated attack
• Addressed additional warping issues with several moves
• Fixed an issue where COM Superstars would trigger a comeback after a Finisher rather than going for a pin
• Addressed issues where a certain move could be triggered at an incorrect range
• Fixed several issues where an incorrect move was performed when the opponent was in certain positions
• Adjusted the aerial range attribute to have a more notable effect on how far a Superstar can jump with diving/springboard attacks
• Addressed an exploit with the Testicular Claw move

• Fixed an issue with how Superstars appeared in the ring during pre-match scenes of several tag team match types
• Fixed a clipping issue with Triple H’s water bottle in a steel cage match
• Fixed an issue where the opponent didn’t appear during JBL’s victory scene
• Addressed multiple presentation issues with Rick Rude’s robe during his entrance
• Fixed issues with how necklace accessories appear while entering with a Championship
• Fixed an issue with the in-match appearance of hair after editing a long-haired Superstar’s alternate attire

• Added the ability for a creator to delete self-uploaded logos from WWE Community Creations and the My Logos area in Logo Manager
• Created another pattern option for stage display elements in WWE Creations – Arena to support both static and non-static presentation. Stage display elements set to “Pattern A” will remain static. Elements set to “Pattern B” will be replaced by Superstar trons when appropriate (such as during entrances)
• Adjusted additional clipping conflicts with clothing parts combinations
• Fixed an issue with Title Motions not looping properly when previewed in Advanced Entrance Creation
• Fixed an issue with black bars flashing at the top of the screen when playing custom arenas using Venue Size 4

• Fixed an issue with the ladder moving unnaturally after Stone Cold obtains the briefcase in the King of the Ring 1999 Match
• Fixed an issue with gameplay and QTE commentary overlapping during the Rock Bottom 1998 match
• Users are now able to switch targets at will when using Manual Targeting in multi-man matches in 2K Showcase matches

• Addressed an issue that occurred when the “WWE 2K16 Future Stars Pack” was installed where certain WWE Universe elements would reset (ongoing rivalries, calendar changes, edited shows, championship rankings) and changes wouldn’t save properly when exiting the mode or restarting the title. The level of impact varied by user, but users who replaced a default show slot with a Custom Show are more likely to have been impacted. Rivalries, calendar changes, custom shows, and championship rankings can now be manually readjusted.

Users who installed the WWE 2K16 Future Stars Pack on Patch 4 and encountered issues with Universe elements resetting may not be able to recover all data from their pre-WWE 2K16 Future Stars Pack installation WWE Universe save state, particularly with regards to statistics and ongoing rivalry stories for shows impacted by the reset. Affected users should not have to reset their entire Universe save state to continue playing the mode, which will now save changes properly.
• The “Weeks Held” statistic for a Championship now reflects total weeks held and not just consecutive weeks held
• Fixed an exploit that could allow Diva v. Superstar matches under specific conditions
• Addressed an issues with Survivor Series rivalries failing to resolve as a 6-Man Elimination Tag Team Match
• Rivalry matches are no longer removed when simulating normal matches on a card and then altering one of the Rivalry Superstars in the Customize Universe menu
• Reduced the frequency at which tag team matches would be auto-generated as Elimination Tag Team matches
• Addressed a stability issue with Alicia Fox’s entrance in Rivalry matches
• Fixed an issue where Superstars not assigned to the host shows could appear in Royal Rumble matches

• Fixed an issue that prevented play in tag team tournaments with a COM partner or two player-controlled Superstars that each had multiple attires

• The ring announcement now properly triggers when announcing a Custom Tag Team Title match featuring a Custom Superstar
• Fixed issue with audio playing in the menus after winning a match as Bray Wyatt
• Fixed audio issues with R-Truth’s “What’s Up?” chant during his victory scene
• Addressed an audio delay when introduce a custom team using The Shield tag entrance
• Addressed several issues of incorrect commentary triggering for certain moves
• Resolved several missing sound effects

• Added support for the “2015 Hall of Fame Showcase” downloadable content ahead of release. Players who have not purchased the downloadable content will still be able to matchmake with and participate in matches against those who have the downloadable content installed.

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