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H1Z1 – Neues Update erschienen

31. Januar 2015
Patrick Kirst


H1Z1 – Neues Update erschienen

Gestern war es mal wieder soweit und die Entwickler von Sony haben ihr Survial-Game H1Z1 mit einem neuen Update bedacht.

In diesem Update wurden vor allem einige kleinere und größere Fehler ausgebügelt und die Serverstabilität verbessert. Das komplette Change Log haben wir für euch:

•Battle Royale: Pressing “M” brings up a map

•Fixed a few client crash cases

•Adjusted zombie behavior from airdrops

•Loot spawn adjustments

•The satchel has a new model and icon

•IEDs and Punji Sticks will no longer damage players on PvE servers

•Gameplay tips have been added to the death screen message.

•Battle Royale: Made some improvements to the gas visuals and movement

•Battle Royale: Fixed an issue where players would start in green gas

•The makeshift bow now has a unique model.

•Modified campfires, BBQ, and furnace so that they should perform better under heavy load.

•The wrench now has a wrench model

•The repair hammer and repair wrench now repair structures or vehicles on each combo swing instead of the just the first one.

•The starter belt pouch now has a 2 second shred timer (it was instant before).

•Furnaces now take damage/decay and can be repaired with hammers.

•Increased server stability.

Das Update für H1Z1 ist bereits gestern erschienen.

Patrick Kirst

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