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H1Z1 – Neues Update erscheint heute

10. Februar 2015
Patrick Kirst


H1Z1 – Neues Update erscheint heute

Eine neue Woche bedeutet auch, dass ein neues Update für H1Z1 erscheint. Nach wie vor sind die Entwickler fleißig dabei neue Inhalte in das Spiel zu integrieren und bestehende Fehler auszumerzen.

Die Server von H1Z1 werden um 12 Uhr unserer Zeit für voraussichtlich zwei Stunden vom Netz genommen. Danach solltet ihr wieder spielen können. Was sich alles tun wird, haben wir in folgender Übersicht für euch parat:

  • The backpack frame recipe now requires wood sticks, nails, and metal brackets.
  • The framed backpack recipe now requires a backpack frame, a spool of twine, and eight pieces of cloth.
  • The spool of twine rate of appearance has been slightly increased.
  • Applying an account item to an inventory item no longer resets durability.
  • Dropping an item from an inspected container now places the dropped item at the players feet, not the origin of the items container.
  • Fixed durability not being attached to projectiles – thrown spears should now be the same durability as when they were your inventory
  • Fixed drop spear dupe -you should no longer be able to drop thrown weapons and have them dupe
  • Adjustments to „heat“ generated while crouched. This will allow players to more effectively sneak around zombies.
  • Exiting from a flipped vehicle should no longer send you below the world.
  • Vehicles that fall through the world Should now reappear above the world after a small amount of time
  • Added a ‘ForceSingleGPU’ option to the [Rendering] section of UserOptions.ini. Adding this option set to 1 will disable the games code adjustments applied when it detects you have more than one GPU active (SLI or Crossfire). This may help some users that are having issues get the game running better without needing to disable their SLI/Crossfire setups.
Patrick Kirst

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