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GTA V – release pulled forward on PS4 & bonuses leaked by Sony

Is there a big surprise on the way for GTA V-Fans on the PS4? We discovered a hint, that the version for Sonys console could be two weeks earlier on the PSN.

On October 2nd it was possible to preorder the game on the PSN in Europe. The entry disappeared by now – it’s not possible to pre-order the game anymore, but the strange thing is, that the release-date on the download queue on our PS4 is set on November, 4th, which is two weeks earlier than the regular release of GTA V. Furthermore the preorder cash-bonus for GTA Online was credited.


But thats not enough: After a few more clicks on the list of previous purchases we saw some more bonuses for the digital pre-order of GTA V. But we don’t know what exactly the bonuses are. There are just the normal bonus and two more specials.


Now the main question is if it’s just an error from Sony or if Rockstar Games really want to surprise PS4 gamers with an earlier release of the blockbuster? Stay tuned for more information.

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Patrick Kirst
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