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Interview: Orwell – Art Director Melanie Taylor on their successful „privacy invasion thriller“


At this year’s gamescom we had the opportunity to take a look at Orwell, the highly successful „detective-data-mining-story and point’n’click-and-textadventure“. Furthermore, we talked to Art Director Melanie Taylor about the setting, the studio’s aim, difficulties during development and the game’s future. If you want to read our review on the ...

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Interview – Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Starting September 15th, Divinity: Original Sin 2 will be obtainable via Steam Early Access. Not an ordinary sequel, the second installment contains a little bit more of everything. More Coop. More possibilities. We talked with game producer David Walgrave about many things, including new features in Divinity: Original Sin 2, ...

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Preview: WWE 2K17 – Welcome to Suplex City

WWE 2K17

„We want Brock!“ was one of the requests loudly proclaimed in the trailer of WWE 2K17. Obviously there is no one more suited to grace the cover of the newest addition to the wrestling-franchise than the Beast Incarnate. But if the game proves itself as excellent in a virtual ring as ...

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Preview: Elex – One meteorite to rule them all


We hadn’t heard much about Piranha Bytes for quite some time when suddenly they came out of the thicket and presented Elex to us. Elex, aka the eclectic, long-desired, energetic, xenophile open world role playing game by those guys who already fascinated us with their Gothic and Risen. http://elexgame.com/wp-content/themes/elex/videos/elex-moodvid.mp4 This ...

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